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12V Starter Battery

12V Starter Battery

12V Starter Battery: A123’s latest lithium-ion starter battery based on UltraPhosphate™ technology sets a new performance standard for micro-hybrid vehicle applications by delivering outstanding cold cranking power in a battery that outperforms lead acid on industry standard tests. By utilizing advanced chemistry and system design, A123 combines this advantage with an increase in cycle life, charge acceptance, and up to a 60% weight reduction over lead acid, all contributing to fuel savings initiatives. The UltraPhosphate advantage provides micro-hybrids with a new level of performance achieved by A123's industry leading innovation.

Primary Applications:

  • Standard lead acid replacement for all vehicle types
  • Enables mild hybridization for start-stop and micro hybrid battery systems
  • Optimized 12V power net system for improved fuel economy (disable alternator under certain conditions)

Key Benefits over Lead Acid:

  • Cold Temperature Performance: Outstanding cold crank power that outperforms lead acid on industry standard tests
  • Dynamic Charge Acceptance: Accepts high rates of charge and captures more energy from regenerative braking for improved fuel economy
  • Lighter Weight: up to 60% lighter than comparable lead acid batteries
  • Extensive Life Cycle: More than 4X longer life than lead acid provides lower total cost of ownership 
  • Reliability: Real-time data and diagnostics protect the battery and prevent premature failures, reducing service and warranty costs

Product Specifications
Capacity 60 Ah
Cold Cranking (-18ºC) 900 A
Weight 10 kg
Voltage, Nominal 13.2 V
Operating Temp -30ºC to 50ºC
Storage Temp -40ºC to 60ºC
Dimensions (LN3) 278 x 175 x 190 mm


A123's 12V battery for starter and micro hybrid applications

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