High Energy Technology - NMC

A123 has diversified our product portfolio to include nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) technology to meet the market demand for advanced battery chemistries in high energy applications, particularly, plug-in electric vehicles. Although A123's technical heritage is based on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), the advanced battery market has developed different chemistry preferences for different applications and A123 has adapted with a significant diversification of our product portfolio.

A123 has moved aggressively to invest in scientific talent, develop our supply chain and expand production capacity for this class of high energy battery materials. The progress to date has been outstanding as this technology is relatively new to us, but we have already launched numerous vehicle programs into production. NMC products now account for roughly half of all A123 output, but we’re not yet satisfied.

Looking forward, we are investing a significant share of our R&D budget to enhance the energy density of NMC cells without compromising on the life and safety performance that the market has come to expect from A123. These efforts will ultimately translate into greater electric range for the vehicles we supply and we anticipate that our NMC portfolio will steadily become more diverse with different form factors and cell capacities.


+ Excellent energy density for longer driving range

+ Low resistance enables thermal management flexibility

+ Globally competitive cell portfolio expanding rapidly