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Energy Storage for Commercial Vehicles

A123 Systems excels at designing and manufacturing fully-integrated battery systems that enable our customers to take new products from concept to commercialization. For EV, PHEV, and HEV systems, in commercial applications, A123 leverages extensive experience to build robust systems with high power, excellent safety and long life. We provide complete system design and integration services and develop optimized systems that meet our customer’s performance requirements.


Proven in the Field:

Our systems have been put to the test in real world conditions, meeting and exceeding performance requirements with the most rigorous duty cycles. Our dominance in this market has been proven time and again with units on the road since 2008 and hundreds of millions of miles driven.  The A123 advantage puts reliable products into vehicles that will remain on the road longer and with fewer service events. 

           Rapid charge capability                                       Rugged abuse tolerance  

Battery Modules

A123 designs and manufactures advanced battery modules with common components and functionality that serve as the building blocks for robust systems. Our battery modules are designed to meet or exceed all heavy-duty shock and vibration requirements, to rapidly charge, and to provide high levels of abuse tolerance. The robust and efficient designs are easily configured to any commercial vehicle specification.


High Power and High Energy Solutions

A123 offers an energy storage solution for any application. Whether our customers require high power for use in a hybrid vehicle, or high energy for an electric vehicle, A123 has a product portfolio to cover it all.

  • High Power: Higher charge and discharge rates for better performance and efficiency
  • Extended Cycle Life: Long battery life for more than a million micro-cycles and thousands of 100% DOD (depth of discharge) cycles
  • Excellent Safety: Superior abuse tolerance