Low Voltage Lithium-Ion Batteries For Micro-Hybrids


A123's advanced chemistry and system design have driven our powerful low voltage lithium-ion solutions to industry leadership over several product generations with series production starting back in 2011. Options are available for both 12V and 48V applications and our global engineering team can expertly tailor our products to the needs of individual vehicle programs.  All of A123's low voltage solutions leverage more than a decade of battery materials development allowing A123 to offer unique performance capabilities over a wide temperature range.

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Good Fuel Savings


Traditional lead-acid technology provides modest fuel savings in a start-stop system. This system allows the vehicle to automatically turn off the engine while stopped and quickly restart as the driver releases the brake.

Best Fuel Savings


With lithium-ion technology, the micro-hybrid system allows the engine to shut down while the vehicle is coasting at any speed, providing the best fuel economy by maximizing engine-off time.

Better Fuel Savings


A better alternative to lead-acid technology is A123’s lithium-ion energy storage for micro-hybrids. The improved technology enables exceptional fuel economy benefits by utilizing a higher charge acceptance, allowing for regenerative braking. When the vehicle slows, wheels power the alternator and quickly recover energy to store in the battery.

A123's Low-Voltage Solutions for Micro-hybrids

Advanced technology enables high performance and increased fuel efficiency

12V Starter Battery                                                         48V Battery

+ Outstanding cold cranking power
+ Outperforms lead-acid technologies
+ Exceptional cycle life
+ High charge acceptance
+ 60% weight reduction over lead-acid
+ Solution for start-stop & recuperation

+ Compact solution
+ Supports fuel savings initiatives
+ Powerful charge acceptance
+ Active cooling generally not required
+ Supports engine downsizing via
   electric supercharging 

Why A123?

A123's low voltage systems have been in OEM series production since 2011 and we have more field experience than any other lithium-ion producer globally 
+ Our aggressive R&D is focused on continued innovation
+ Planned production capacity expansions dedicated to meeting increasing market demand