Transportation Energy Storage Solutions

A123's advanced lithium-ion energy storage solutions enable higher performance and increased efficiency in automotive applications. Our broad range of products is optimized to exceed energy and power requirements set by leading vehicle manufacturers, and A123 is poised to offer complete and competitive solutions for the entire transportation market. Our proven engineering expertise and extensive knowledge of electric drive-train technologies allow us to work closely with our automotive customers to deliver solutions that not only meet the demands of the market today but also the market demands of the future. A123 services many of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers and continues to cultivate new partner relationships every day.  



World-class technology
delivers a light weight option
that supports fuel economy
improvement through high
charge rate capability


With extensive cell life, a
modular component strategy,
and strong cost focus, we are
able to quickly provide
complete battery systems


Customizable solutions help
A123 dominate the market for
large commercial vehicles
that demand high power 

Whatever the application, A123's automotive class lithium-ion battery systems deliver a progressive solution. Our technology portfolio is positioned to address all automotive requirements for power or energy with a solution designed to meet any need and exceed all testing.

High Power Solutions = LFP                                                                       High Energy Solutions = NMC*
                                                                                                                                           *In development        

  A123 Systems is a TS-16949 and ISO14001 certified supplier of advanced lithium-ion cells and systems.