UltraPhosphate™ Technology


A123’s innovative UltraPhosphate technology provides an advanced chemistry design that delivers outstanding power and superior performance to lithium ion batteries.

Targeting a specific need to improve upon cold temperature performance for low voltage applications, A123’s development team optimized every material in the cell to produce our most powerful technology yet. The result is a lithium-ion battery whose cold cranking performance exceeds that of the most advanced lead-acid batteries, even in temperatures ranging to -30ºC. The corresponding decrease in the technology's electrical resistance also eliminates the need for a battery cooling system in most 48V applications. A123’s UltraPhosphate technology brings next generation low voltage products world-class charge acceptance and increased cycle life, providing the micro-hybrid market with a progressive solution.  


The UltraPhosphate Advantage For Low-Voltage


12V Starter Battery with UltraPhosphate

A123's innovative UltraPhosphate technology outperforms lead-acid in cold crank power in our 3rd generation 12V starter battery. This achievement was considered impossible by some industry participants before A123 announced the breakthrough.

48V Battery with UltraPhosphate

A123's 48V battery with UltraPhosphate technology supports engine downsizing particularly when combined with an electric supercharger. While many competitive technologies require active cooling in 48V applications, the UltraPhosphate solution eliminates this need on most duty cycles, which leads to lower costs, less weight and better vehicle packaging.


+ Exceptional cold crank performance for 12V application

+ High power density

+ Exceptional cycle life

+ Delivers superior performance at low and high temperatures

+ Low DCR enables potential elimination of cooling system in 48V application